Black Friday Preview: Free Starbucks + Shipping for Orders Over $60

Black Friday K-Cup Sales

My first Black Friday was a blur.

I remember being small enough to get where I wanted, when I wanted. My friend’s mom took us to the mall and then to Toys R Us, after most of the the madness had died out . I was armed with my Christmas money from my Grandmother and a childlike optimism about the holiday season.

I walked out with a Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets poster and one of those pocket pets that responded to a button popping up out of his head. Jackpot. I still have the Harry Potter poster, but the pocket pup was lost in the toy box of life.

Black Friday Sales

Comparing that to last year, Black Friday was again a blur. I stayed up until midnight and then headed to Target. In an effort to get the latest Mad Men season on DVD and Just Dance 2014 for my Wii, plus a few other things I have since forgotten, I stood in line for over an hour to pay. Looking back, the only thing I really still use was a tiny tub of Vaseline lip balm I grabbed at the register.

This year, I’m boycotting stores that are opening on Thanksgiving day. Even Alpine Valley takes a day off! It makes me mad that my friends have to leave their warm Thanksgiving dinners and family board games to scan tee shirts and DVDs at Target. No deal is worth that.

Black Friday K-Cup Deals & CBTL Sale

Alpine Valley Coffee will be open for business on Black Friday, the official day of the commercial holiday. We’ll come in from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST and our online store will be open as usual.

If you’re like me, you’ll be internet shopping all weekend, culminating in Cyber Monday. We’ve put together some goodies and awesome sales for you all! So while you wait in that crazy line at Target, you can order K-Cups, CBTL, and more.

Here are the official deals* for our Black Friday sale.

All items will be $1.00 off

Free goodies bags will be added to orders over $100. Including Starbucks K-Cups, 8 O’Clock K-Cups, and more!


Stay tuned for the Cyber Monday deals, coming next Monday.

*All items and deals are subject to availability. No rain checks. Shipping is free on orders $60 and over, excluding orders that include equipment.