5 Must Have Items for Your Office Sick-Day Kit


It’s hard to hear your Spotify when your cubicle neighbor is coughing up a lung. It’s even harder when you are sneezing in harmony with your co-worker.

sick-at-work-photo-by-Lena-Nicholson--625x347Yep, guess who “forgot” to get a flu shot? Everyone in the office it seems.

But when you have a finite number of sick days you are saving for when you can’t get your car out of the blizzard in January, you find yourself curling up at your desk and forcing productivity.

5 Items for Your Emergency Sick Kit

Until you get sick at the office, you won’t think you need these. Then the chills set in and you just want a blankie and hot cocoa. Then you will thank past you that you stocked up and hoarded some essentials.

1. An extra can of chicken soup.

Who wants to go out and warm up the car when you are feverish? I keep a can of Progresso Chicken soup at the desk for days like this, when I really don’t feel like eating. Yet my grandmother’s voice is whispering in my ear the old adage about starving a cold and feeding a fever… or is it the other way around? Either way, fluids. Lots of them.

2. A blanket and/or thick scarf.

Why not both? Just tell your coworkers it’s for your back or you forgot to take it home, then watch their jealous glances when you are all cozied up and they shiver and sniffle.

3. Extra Ibuprofen and DayQuil

The staff meeting is in 30 minutes and you are a hot mess. You really should be wearing a surgical mask, but that’s hard to give a presentation through.

4. Tissues, with lotion or Vick’s.

While you probably have these puppies around all the time, switch to the Kleenex soaked in Vick’s Vapor Rub during the winter months. You’ll thank me later when you are suddenly able to breathe again.

5. A sign that says “CONTAGIOUS”


Hang me in your cube, see how people stay away.

Cough. Hack. Sneeze. Drip. Sniffle. Shiver. That little sick dance you are doing is making it really hard to get even your normal daily tasks done. But your team just keeps piling on the projects! Be a friend, tell them you don’t want to get them sick. Hang this sign on the back of your chair or outside your cubicle. Then, enjoy a quiet day where everyone steers clear of your area.

Rest, relax, recharge, and get better soon!


What It’s Like When the Coffee at the Office is Horrible


It should be considered a crime to serve bad coffee at the office. Seriously. Whoever brewed the burnt, weak pot of “nastay” sludge should be fined $1 billion. And we’re going to install stocks to put the loser who used up all of the coffee creamer in. OK, maybe that’s just my pre-coffee brain talking, but who’s with me?

I’m not a morning person, and my lovely Alpine family understands. But here’s a real look at a non-morning person’s struggle bus adventure.

Struggle Bus: The Autobiography of the Not a Morning Person

Time to get up and get to work. Ha, jokes. Hit snooze for 30 minutes.

What It's Like When the Coffee at the Office is Horrible

OK, now you really have to get up. The faster you get showered, dressed, and crawl through traffic, the faster you can get this day over.

What It's Like When the Coffee at the Office is Horrible Awwww, yeeaaaaahh. WARM 98.5 is totally playing my T.Swift jam. Maybe today won’t be so bad.

What It's Like When the Coffee at the Office is Horrible

Coworkers: Good morning! What are your plans this weekend? Are you excited it’s Friday? I love your shoes! Ahh, Friday! Happy, happy, happy!

What It's Like When the Coffee at the Office is Horrible

Me: … meh.

What It's Like When the Coffee at the Office is Horrible

Level 1: Get out of bed & Get to the office. Check.

Level 2: Navigate the morning people in the office. Check.

Level 3: Coffee. 

What It's Like When the Coffee at the Office is Horrible

Someone used the last Pumpkin Spice K-Cup. Chocolate Glazed Donut is on backorder. We’re out of CoffeeMate liquid creamer. The Krea machine is broken.

What It's Like When the Coffee at the Office is Horrible

Happy Coworker: We have a carafe over there! And there is decaf! The smell and taste should wake you up, right?

What It's Like When the Coffee at the Office is Horrible


What It's Like When the Coffee at the Office is Horrible

What It's Like When the Coffee at the Office is Horrible

What It's Like When the Coffee at the Office is Horrible

What It's Like When the Coffee at the Office is Horrible Thank God that only happens in my nightmares. Working for a coffee company means that my morning coffee goes more like this.

Level 3: Coffee…

Pumpkin spice. All the creamer. Stir sticks stocked. There are sleeves for the coffee cups. It’s going to be a great day.

ron-moved OIXrp

Merry Christmas In November: Is It Too Early for a Skinny Peppermint Mocha?

Christmas Parks and Recreation

When the Pumpkin Spice Latte, better known in 2014 as #PSL, came out a month before the true pumpkin season opened, the world didn’t know what to do with itself.

I knew exactly what I had to do: sprint to my local Starbucks, pitch a lean to, and wait the extra week for #PSL to come out of hibernation.


If you can’t tell, I love pumpkin. But I also really, really love the holidays. Cooler weather, the holiday section at Target, my ‘N Sync Christmas album, and a Skinny Peppermint Mocha. Oh, I just got the chills.

But see, when Starbucks is now teasing the holiday drinks… that just means I need to pull out the tunes and ugly sweaters even earlier. This year’s new holiday drink actually have me excited for something other than the #PSL and Skinny Peppermint Mocha.

Blasphemy! Incontheivable!

Abby Lee Miller How Dare You

Welcome to the world, Chestnut Praline Latte. Sprinkled with spices and praline crumbs, brewed with caramel and chestnutty goodness, and topped with whipped cream. I can’t wait to sip you as I work on more holiday blogs and put The Chipmunks on in the background.

Starbucks’ holiday lineup includes the Peppermint Mocha (Skinny or Regular), Caramel Brulee Latte, and Gingerbread Latte. All will hit stores across the country on November 12. 

Home Alone Christmas GIF

What is your favorite part of the holiday season? And what gets you running for the tinsel? Holiday lovers, let’s talk in the comments. 

The Best of Pinterest: Halloween Costumes 2014

Best Pinterest Halloween Costumes

We love Halloween. About as much as we love Pumpkin Spice. But seriously, around here we get intense. Today we’re having a huge Monster Mash in the office. Any excuse to party and eat all day is a good one in our book.

While we’re getting in the spirit with our costumes and candy, we can’t reach the level of Halloween game going on on Pinterest. Check out all of these and more on our Dress Up: Halloween board.

Top 10 Pinterest Halloween Costumes

1. Medusa

Best Pinterest Halloween Costumes

Points for creative use of children’s toys and old bedsheets. A few cool braids and some toga-rific cinching, voila!

2. Paula Deen and Her Butter

Best Pinterest Halloween Costumes

This costume won best in show in our office pole. Despite her controversial life, Mrs. Dean’s affection for butter is everything.

3. When Life Gives You Lemons

Best Pinterest Halloween Costumes

You know the old saying, but here’s a new take on the old.

4. Shark Week

Best Pinterest Halloween Costumes

Every day we’re blood thirsty sea creatures with two rows of super sharp teeth. Oh, wait. That’s not how the song goes.

5. Dunkin Donuts

Best Pinterest Halloween CostumesAnother trip down Punny Pike, this one is just too fun. Just don’t get too close to the guy at the party dressed as Homer Simpson.

6. Scuba Baby

Best Pinterest Halloween Costumes

New parents? Dress up as Dory and Marlin, with this little cutie in the middle. It’s a new spin on Finding Nemo.

7. Hocus Pocus’ The Sanderson Sisters

Best Pinterest Halloween Costumes

It’s my goal in life to dress up as a Sanderson sister for Halloween. While Winnie is a clear choice, Sarah would just be too fun. But I have a killer impression of Mary! Oh, you don’t want to see it? Ok…

8. Game of Thrones

Best Pinterest Halloween Costumes

Get ready for it.

  • A Lannister always pays his debts… in candy corn.
  • Winter is coming, but that won’t stop the Night’s Watch from the quest for white chocolate.
  • What is dead may never die, and on Halloween the zombies are ready to make that statement truth.
  • Look out for soccer moms and their brood, they’re more terrifying than Daenerys and her dragons.
  • You know nothing, Jon Snow. Reese’s Pumpkins are the ULTIMATE Halloween candy.
  • Valar Morghulis. I mean, trick or treat!

9. King Kong and the Empire State Building

Best Pinterest Halloween Costumes

He’ll kill you with cuteness… and mushed bananas.

10. Frozen

Best Pinterest Halloween Costumes

Don’t tell me when to “Let It Go.” I will “Let It Go” when I am ready, and not a minute before.

How I Plan to Fuel My NaNoWriMo Adventure


Coffee company social media vixen by day, aspiring writer and infinity scarf enthusiast by night. Hello, nice to meet you.

I’ve wanted to do a NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month, for all you noobs) for years. I come up with an amazing idea, think to myself, “This will change the world!” and then silently sleep through November.

Yeah, I’m pretty much a noob as well. But this year is going to be different! I’m going to shake the noob status and level up to writer extraordinaire.

NaNoWriMo Noobie TipsThat’s why I have a plan. Just a few key goals and tricks to help me power through the month and keep on track.

A Noobie’s Plan to Make the Best of NaNoWriMo

  1. Drink Plenty of Water.

    Hydration is key at all times, but I anticipate a lot of sitting and snacking during this time. I need to keep my mind and body clear in order to get throught he writer’s block that will inevitably come.

  2. Snackage.

    While I’m tempted to hit up Kroger for the day after Halloween candy sale, I’m going to limit myself. Plus, with Thanksgiving to look forward to, I’m going to need to pace myself. It’s almost like the founders of NaNoWriMo knew that writers would need good fuel and good times to get through the month. I’m going to stock up on the Sabra dips and carrot sticks. I can’t get bogged down in a sugar coma. No matter how much I love Snickers.

  3. Caffeine.

    I can’t get through a normal morning without my coffee, so why would NaNoWriMo be any different? The only thing is that I usually work best with tea, not coffee. If anyone finds a coupon for Tazo’s Earl Grey, I would be ever so grateful.

  4. Leaning on Other Writers for Support.

    It’s a given. While there is the whole goal of getting your story out there and accomplishing something huge, I want to create something worth submitting! Or at least something I can give to a friend without feeling like a lackluster loser with a poor vocabulary. Looking for a group of writers to commune is incredibly important. Going it alone would be like running a race alone, without a training team or water.

  5. Shoot for the Moon, Land Among the Stars. Just Keep Swimming. All That Jazz.

    I need to remember that my first draft and my last draft are going to be hugely different, and hopefully better. If I just keep going, give myself a pep talk, and be realistic, I’m sure I will get through this. I need to remember that I am not going to be the next Meg Cabot or Keira Cass or J.K. Rowling… I’m going to be me and my writing is going to be an extension of that.

Keurig Green Mountain Raises Prices, You Sound Off

Keurig Green Mountain Raises Prices, You Sound Off

There are those days when you just want to say in the mirror, “I did my best.” The copier ate your originals. You burned your tongue on your latte. Your sweater snagged on the door knob. The boss asked you to take a project home for the weekend.

And to top it all off, we emailed you about the Keurig Green Mountain price increase.

Keurig Green Mountain Price Increase

You just can’t catch a break. So you just sent us this email, thinking no one would ever read it. Or that we would read it and we’d have just as bad a day as you.

“Thanks for the heads up now I know that I will NEVER PLACE ANOTHER ORDER WITH YOU.”

Real quote from the real emails we get on a daily basis. We are always upset to see these emails, but when we weren’t the cause of the price increase, it got us thinking. You need the facts. You need the truth.

Here are the facts about the price increase:

  • Keurig Green Mountain decided to raise these costs, Alpine Valley did not.
  • The prices are going up because the cost of production and coffee is going up.
  • The K-Cup price raise is nationwide, so all retailers will be seeing a price increase in their inventory.
  • Our K-Cup cost is going up, so we have to raise our prices.
  • We are not happy about the price increase, but it’s a necessary evil.

So, if you need to take out your rage at us, OK. We understand that you’ve had a rough day and that you need someone to blame. But if you want the prices to stop raising, hit up the source.

Join us on twitter with @alpvalcoffee #BeTheChange

Contact Keurig Green Mountain:

Keurig Green Mountain, Inc.
33 Coffee Lane
Waterbury, VT 05676
866‑901‑BREW (866‑901‑2739)

Just Add Coffee: Pumpkin Spice French Toast Recipes

Pumpkin Spice French Toast Recipe

Pumpkin spice. Pumpkin lattes. Pumpkin bread. Toasted pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin pancakes. Pumpkin pie. Pumpkin French toast. Pumpkin. All the pumpkin. Give it to me. Now.

If I could live in a pumpkin I would. Where everything was pumpkin flavored, every coffee had pumpkin and nutmeg, and there was a crisp fall breeze every afternoon. I would wear chunky sweaters, knee high boots, and Taylor Swift would be envious of my Fall game. Living in a pumpkin would be great.

And when I invited friends over for a meal, I would make this: pumpkin French toast. French toast is really an easy dish and you can flavor it any which way. Try this same recipe, just with apple butter. Nom accordingly.


  • A nice thick bread, slightly stale
  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Vanilla
  • Pumpkin Spice
  • Pumpkin Butter

Just like your traditional French toast, mix the spice, butter, eggs, milk, and vanilla. Wait to add the bread until your skillet (spray with canola oil) is piping hot. Then, toss the bread in the mix and lay in the pan. Cook evenly on both sides. Add more butter and plenty of syrup.

This dish is perfect for a brinner (breakfast for dinner) or Fall brunch. When would you enjoy your French toast?