Review: Best K-Cup Hot Cocoa, Swiss Miss Vs Café Escapes

Cafe Escapes Hot Cocoa

You may think that there can’t be a difference between hot cocoas in the Keurig. Just add water and brew, right? FALSE! Take everything you think you know about hot cocoa and get ready to add a new chapter.

It’s a given that hot cocoa is always better when mixed in warm milk. It’s creamier, richer, and just more comforting than when mixed in water. When you brew a Swiss Miss K-Cup, you get all the things you love about hot cocoa. Even though it’s brewed with water! Just add marshmallow and enjoy.

Brewing a Café Escapes K-Cup on it’s own is just not as creamy. But that doesn’t mean that they are useless K-Cups! They really outshine the Swiss Miss when you mix them with a coffee. Instant Café Mocha! Mixing the coffee K-Cup with a Swiss Miss