5 Must Have Items for Your Office Sick-Day Kit


It’s hard to hear your Spotify when your cubicle neighbor is coughing up a lung. It’s even harder when you are sneezing in harmony with your co-worker.

sick-at-work-photo-by-Lena-Nicholson--625x347Yep, guess who “forgot” to get a flu shot? Everyone in the office it seems.

But when you have a finite number of sick days you are saving for when you can’t get your car out of the blizzard in January, you find yourself curling up at your desk and forcing productivity.

5 Items for Your Emergency Sick Kit

Until you get sick at the office, you won’t think you need these. Then the chills set in and you just want a blankie and hot cocoa. Then you will thank past you that you stocked up and hoarded some essentials.

1. An extra can of chicken soup.

Who wants to go out and warm up the car when you are feverish? I keep a can of Progresso Chicken soup at the desk for days like this, when I really don’t feel like eating. Yet my grandmother’s voice is whispering in my ear the old adage about starving a cold and feeding a fever… or is it the other way around? Either way, fluids. Lots of them.

2. A blanket and/or thick scarf.

Why not both? Just tell your coworkers it’s for your back or you forgot to take it home, then watch their jealous glances when you are all cozied up and they shiver and sniffle.

3. Extra Ibuprofen and DayQuil

The staff meeting is in 30 minutes and you are a hot mess. You really should be wearing a surgical mask, but that’s hard to give a presentation through.

4. Tissues, with lotion or Vick’s.

While you probably have these puppies around all the time, switch to the Kleenex soaked in Vick’s Vapor Rub during the winter months. You’ll thank me later when you are suddenly able to breathe again.

5. A sign that says “CONTAGIOUS”


Hang me in your cube, see how people stay away.

Cough. Hack. Sneeze. Drip. Sniffle. Shiver. That little sick dance you are doing is making it really hard to get even your normal daily tasks done. But your team just keeps piling on the projects! Be a friend, tell them you don’t want to get them sick. Hang this sign on the back of your chair or outside your cubicle. Then, enjoy a quiet day where everyone steers clear of your area.

Rest, relax, recharge, and get better soon!


What Water Should I Use to Brew My Coffee?

How To Brew: What Water Should You Brew Your Coffee With

The invention of the Keurig coffee brewer made coffee simple for groggy office workers and busy stay at home parents. Gone were the days of a pot of burnt coffee. We said “See ya never” to the limited choices of flavor and roast.

Hello happy days of coffee bliss.

Drinking Water For CoffeeUntil you have to clean the darn thing. Then it gets a little more complicated than just rinsing a glass pot and running fresh water through the brewer. Descaling keeps your system flowing and prevents damage to your brewer.

Depending on the type of water you using in your Keurig, you may need to clean and descale your brewer more often. We recommend every three to six months for a good descale, and cleanings as often as you like and more often than not.

If you brew with distilled water, you are going to have less build up in the system. There are no minerals in distilled water, so nothing to clog the system. Tap water and drinking water are going to have more minerals and additives. So, cleaning is going to be necessary every three to six months.

Spring water is chocked full of natural minerals. You’re going to get the best taste from brewing with Spring water, but it’s going to require a descale every three months. Brewing with distilled is going to give you a harsher, bitter taste. Tap water is that middle of the road, what most people use, option.